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Wisconsin School Psychologists Association

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Certificate in Professional Development: School Mental Health

To earn a Certificate in Professional Development: School Mental Health, you must complete all Foundation Topics for a total of 9 hours.  In addition you must complete a minimum of 15 hours in Assessment Topics and 24 hours in Intervention Topics. The complete certificate will reflect 48 hours of coordinated training in school mental health.  Professional Development activities to qualify for this certificate must be approved by the WSPA Mental Health Committee. These hours must be completed within a five year period.

How do I track and document the courses I have taken? A form to track your trainings can be found on the link below.  You will receive a certificate of attendance for all the sessions you attend.  Please remember to sign in and out of each session.  These verifications will be used to document your hours to earn the certificate.  When you have completed the required 48hours of training, submit the tracking form along with certificates of attendance to: Julia Rutkowski, email:

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