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Wisconsin School Psychologists Association

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Membership Benefits

The following benefits have been designed with the member in mind. We encourage you to become familiar with these services and benefits and use them to the fullest to get the most out of your WSPA membership

WSPA Newsletter

Throughout the year you receive the WSPA Newsletter, the Association's quarterly newsletter, that helps keep you  current on the latest research and practitioner information, and provides news on bills and regulations affecting the profession.  This is Wisconsin specific information that cannot be found elsewhere.

WSPA Forums

Our online forums are a place to network with other Wisconsin school psychologists around topics relevant to our profession.

Legislative Monitoring and Action

In addition to providing liaison with various state departments, boards and commissions, WSPA also monitors and advocates for legislation that can affect school psychologists. We have a lobbyist that works for our organization, bringing the interests of the association and of students in Wisconsin to legislators.

Children's Services

Advocacy and grant opportunities for professionals to  support children's services.

Recognition and Awards

Diverse award opportunities to recognize school psychologists-in-training, as well as seasoned professionals.

Continuing Professional Development/Conventions

WSPA members receive discounted rates to WSPA-sponsored conferences which are tailored to the specific needs of Wisconsin school psychologists

Public Awareness Campaign

WSPA works to target information to specific groups and audiences including legislators, media representatives,  school administrators, parents, and teachers about the profession and school psychology's valuable contribution to the educational process.

Regional Groups

There are 15 WSPA regional groups. These local groups offer members a venue to gather and share information and resources with colleagues. Delegates to national and international professional associations provide cohesive web of knowledge of macrocosm of professional activity.

Professional Preparation & Training, Student Representation

WSPA collaborates with training programs to enhance education, work on initiatives, and link newly trained professionals to their state professional development association.

If you have questions about your WSPA membership and the various services and benefits of membership, please contact our membership chair.

Membership Categories

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Full Member ($70)
A full member is a member of the Association who is (i) certified by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction as a school psychologist,
(ii) licensed by the Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing for the private practice of school psychology, or (iii) primarily engaged in training of school psychologists at a college or university in Wisconsin. The Board of Directors shall determine a dues rate for full membership.

Intern Member ($50)
An intern member is a member of the Association who is currently enrolled in an internship through a training program in school psychology. Intern members may have provisional or initial school psychology licensure and may be working full time. Intern membership status requires annual verification by a School Psychology training program. The Board of Directors shall set Intern membership dues at a reduced rate of full membership dues. Intern membership is granted for a maximum of two years.

Student Member ($30)
A student member is a member of the Association who is currently enrolled in a training program in school psychology or is an undergraduate student with an interest in school psychology and not certified as a school psychologist by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Members returning to a training program on a full time basis can apply for student status. Student membership dues shall be set by the Board of Directors at a reduced rate of full membership dues. 

Leave Status ($40)
Leave status at a reduced membership dues rate shall be granted for a full member who does not currently practice school psychology and who is experiencing a substantial reduction in income as determined by the Membership Committee. Only full members who have maintained membership in the Association for three consecutive years prior to the request for leave status shall be eligible. Application shall be made to and be determined by the Membership Committee. It is renewable for a period of not more than five years. Full members on leave status retain all rights as full members. The Board of Directors shall determine a dues rate for leave status.

Associate Member ($55)
An associate member possesses a bachelor’s degree, or higher, and has a professionally interest in the field of school psychology, but are NOT licensed school psychologists nor eligible for another membership category.  Applicants are eligible for associate membership pending approval by the Membership Committee. An annual dues rate for associate membership shall be set by the Board of Directors. (updated June, 2015)

Retired Membership ($10)
A Retired Membership shall be granted by the board of directors upon request following retirement of full time professional activity. The individual may only be engaged in consulting or other paid professional activity less than 15 hours per week. The board of directors shall determine a nominal dues rate for Retired Membership.

Life Membership ($10)
Life membership shall be granted upon request following retirement or by recommendation by the Board of Directors to anyone who has held full membership in WSPA, Inc. for a period of at least five (5) years prior to retirement. The Board of Directors shall determine a nominal dues rate for life membership.

Honorary Membership
An honorary membership may be granted to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the field of education or school psychology. The Board of Directors shall approve honorary membership.  (discontinued for all retired members in the fall of 2013 and added a retired and life membership)

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